CG Goliath 30mm Front Sight

CG Goliath 30mm Front Sight


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30mm front sight tunnel for maximum light transmission. Includes level inside tunnel.

Available it two heights, Prone or Tube Stock

3 choices of adjustable iris ranges:

2.8mm - 4.8mm
3.8mm - 5.8mm
5.0mm - 7.0mm

Ground optical glass lenses with anti-reflective coatings in a metal frame with lens power stamped on the front (as required in Europe).  Lenses screw in and out for easy change and cleaning.

Lenses available in .3 or .5 diopter.

Modular design allows sight to be moved from rifle to rifle without losing zero.  Also the "tunnel" can be moved to different elevation plates allowing a shooter to own one tunnel and iris but be able to use it on prone guns as well as AR, Tubb or Eliseo match rifles.  This eliminates the need to buy several complete units.

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