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RCBS Chargemaster Adapter Tube Thingy


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The Shooting SHED RCBS Chargemaster Adapter Tube Thingy

Have you ever tried throwing a larger kernel powder with the Chargemaster and found it over throws from time to time? One of our preferred powders is H4831SC and Christel was for ever muttering about the CM occasionally over throwing. I experimented with all sorts of things to give a quick fix however they never seemed to do the job so I decided to build my own if only to keep the Viking happy and here it is.

Manufactured from polished 6082T6 this small adapter pushes into the end of the CM feed tube with a twisting motion, the inner edge is perfectly blended to pick up the kernels of powder as they are fed and the exit end of the tube has a carefully sized radius to allow just the right number of kernels to fall.

Now I have to hold my hands up at this stage and say I just build the things as throwing powder drives me to distraction however the Viking assures me this little adapter has reduced powder over throws by 99% or better and she is certainly getting more cases filled so it must be working!

We still have not thought of a proper name for it so for the time being it will have to be known as the RCBS Chargemaster adapter tube thingy. Please note there will be slight marks on the nose where we tested it.

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