M75 Tube Stock

The Model 75 Tube Stock:

Our new C.G Model 75 Tube Stock has been designed specifically to receive the C.G INCH action. The C.G Model 75 is of modular concept and can be adapted for all full bore shooting disciplines.


The Tube chassis consists of a single tube machined at the rear to accept the stock interface fixed by means of a quick release latch system.

The Tube chassis is machined from a single piece 6060 T6 light metal alloy tube removing the need for a separate forearm so ensuring absolute rigidity. The tube is designed to accept the C.G INCH rifle action only.

The action can be fitted into the Chassis either from the front or rear and is held in place by three M6x1 countersunk screws. The recoil is taken by a removable shoulder located at the rear of the tube, independent of the action. The collar is attached by three M6x1 countersunk screws.

The rear stock interface is attached via a latch assembly to a rear tube with full length spigot which in turn supports a fully adjustable cheek piece assembly, rear butt plate and rubber Wegu butt pad. All parts of the rear section are adjustable to optimise the shooter&rsquos position dependant on the shooting discipline and all adjustable parts are marked with laser etched scales to allow the shooter to return the system to their preferred position after system maintenance or cleaning or if shooting in a different discipline.

The Model 75 chassis system has been designed with the following shooting disciplines in mind:

Target Rifle

Match Rifle


F Open

Bench Rest


The chassis system is easily adapted to other disciplines if required.

Stock Tube:

The tube is 50mm diameter and 550mm long and is ventilated to both reduce weight and optimise barrel cooling through convection. The tube is drilled underside for the fitment of various accessory rails attached by M4x0,7 cap head screws. The front of the tube is drilled M4x0,7 to accept a mirage band attachment screw if required.

Target rifle forearm with integrate accessory rail (Option)

The line of M4 holes underside of the stock tube accept a target rifle forearm with accessory rail, this provides an Anschutz type rail to attach accessories such as the hand stop and sling attachment, it also increases the lower radius of the tube to offer a more comfortable grip and support for Target and Match Rifle shooters.

Front bag rider/bipod base (Option)

The front rider bipod base is designed to be positioned longitudinally to the underside of the tube, and can be adjusted in 25mm increments to suit the shooter&rsquos needs. This base is designed to accept various elements, each fixed to the Front Bag Rider/Bipod Base by positive and easily adjustable fixings.

Bipod rail

A standard Anschuetz type T-slotted 40mm wide bipod base can be fitted to the front bag rider/bipod base this allows the fitment of a T slot attachment type bipod head with ample bearing space either side.

A Harris type stud can be attached if required.

Front bag rider plate

Sized at a true 75mm wide x 140mm long the front bag rider is designed for both F Open and Bench rest class shooting. The bag rider plate is attached to the main tube via the front bag rider base and can be adjusted along the longitudinal plain of the tube in 25mm increments to suit the individual shooter&rsquos requirements. The bag rider plate is adjustable for offset to counter bag hop and rifle torque and reversible to suit both left and right hand twist rifles. The bag rider is undercut to optimise tracking across the shooters machine rest bag.

Due to the tubular design of the chassis the bottom of the bag rider sits at 42mm from the centre line of the barrel so lowering the centre of gravity of the rifle when on the bag rider to aid tracking when compared to a conventional stock.

Trigger guard and hand grip

The Model 75 features an aluminium trigger guard attached by two M6x1 cap head screws allowing easy removal for direct access to the trigger assembly. The trigger guard is drilled to enable ease of trigger adjustment without removal of the trigger guard.

The trigger guard also serves as the hand grip hanger and the system is fitted as standard with a Hogue &lsquoOverMolded&rsquo AR15 type soft rubber hand grip.

Wooden hand grip (Option).

Available as an option are anatomically shaped wooden hand grips in medium and large sizes in both Walnut and Laminate woods. This option is currently under development.

Rifle Scope rail.

The Model 75 chassis system comes with a 20 minute full length Weaver/Picatinny type riflescope rail attached by 5 separate M4x0,7 cap head screws.

Stock Rod Interface

The one piece stock rod interface tube is used to connect the main tube to the rear butt pad assembly it also serves to support the cheek piece assembly which is attached by self gripping clamps.

Note: Length adjustments are made by means of self gripping clamps. To loosen the clamps slacken the M5x0,8cap head lock screws and then twist the element to loosen the clamp of the element to be adjusted.

Silent Bloc Damper Rear Interface (Option)

Available as an option, an integrally dampened stock rod interface tube designed to reduce vibration and noise transmission if needed.

Latch assembly

This latch is situated underneath the tube, behind the grip system so removing any potential snagging points for the shooter. It serves the purpose of locking the main Tube to the interface rod. The latch assembly is permanently attached to the chassis tube to prevent loss and is available in two formats, either as a thumb type screw to allow easy removal without the need for separate tools. Alternatively the latch features an M6x1 caphead so requiring a hexagonal key to facilitate removal. Choice of latch is dependent on the market or final country of use and subject to local firearms regulations.

Cheek Pad Adjustment

The cheek pad is adjustable in all planes to suit the individual shooter&rsquos needs. The pad itself is 140mmlong curved aluminium section covered with a Nitrile rubber pad to offer both thermal and sonic insulation and comfort. Elevation is controlled in steps of 1.5mm by a rack system adjusted by means of a thumb screw. The rack assembly is laser etched with a scale to enable return to position after maintenance or adjustment.

Rear Butt Pad assembly

The Wegu rubber rear butt pad assembly is fully adjustable for length of pull, offset, cant and includes vertical adjustment across a large plane. Its softness and curvature reduces felt recoil and easily keep the same position on shoulder.

F Class rear bag rider (Option)

An optional ladder adjusted 18mm diameter rear bag rider tube can be fitted to the standard butt assembly without modification if required. The ladder features quick height-adjustable in 1,5mm increments so making it suitable for both F Class and Bench Rest disciplines.


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